Automated Filter Test for Quality Control

The new AFC 132 QC air filter test system is designed to meet requirements of EN1822-4 Appendix E “efficiency leakage test for particle sizes from 0.3 µm to 0.5 µm”. This part of the standard is related to filter elements which cannot be scanned due to its geometrical design. In this case determination of integral filtration efficiency is sufficient for quality control.


  • Free configuration of target filter efficiency
  • Customized filter adapter for different small HEPA filter elements, easy to change (5 min)
  • Compact test system design
  • High degree of automation for minimum operator interactions
  • Designed for 24/7 production operation
  • Fast cycle time (30 s) for short test time per filter


  • Efficiency testing of small HEPA filter elements
  • Confirmation of nominal HEPA filter class
  • Suitable for integrated filter production control