LAP 322 – Aerosol Spectrometer

LAP 322 – Aerosol Spectrometer

The Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometer LAP 322 provides the determination of aerosol particle size distributions (0.2-40µm) and particle concentrations. It  is based on optical single-particle measurements by means of 90° scattered light measurement. 
By dint of high number of provided particle size classes a high particle sizing resolution can be realised, as well as a very good classification accuracy (VDI 3867, Part 4 and ISO 21501-1). 
The aerosol spectrometer LAP 322 combines sensor, controlled volume flow supply, and signal acquisition in one rugged, handy housing. The included Data Acquisition and Control Software PASWin for standard Windows PCs provides for an easy operability.  


  • Rapid optical measurement of airborne particles – minimal disturbance of aerosol properties
  • Very big dynamic range of particle size: 200nm … 40µm (with just one sensor)
  • Wide concentration range (max.104particles/cm3) – ideal for filter testing
  • Easy and defined extension of concentration measuring range by use of Dilution Systems (DIL 550)
  • Optimized measuring zone:
  • no border zone –> no border zone error
  • negligible errors due to laser beam profile
  • exact concentration determination
  • vertical flow guiding ensures the transportation of large particles to the measuring zone
  • High counting efficiency (>50%) already at 200nm
  • High sensitivity by use of approved laser diode (long life time:  20’000 hours)
  • Very good resolution by means of multi channel analysis with max. 128 channels (typically >90 size channels)
  • Mobile and flexible –  both sensor and signal acquisition combined in a compact housing
  • No assumption of distribution function – ideal for multi modal distributions
  • Incl. ease of use and comprehensive Windows based control and analysing software PASWin
  • Easy control of Sample Switching Unit SYS 520 via software PASWin for automated sampling port switching during measurement of fractional efficiencies


  • Measurement of particle size distributions (spray, dust, powder)
  • Analysis of test and calibration aerosols
  • Filter testing and characterization
  • Determination of fractional efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Atmospheric research and environmental monitoring
  • Characterization of pharmaceutical aerosols
  • Aerosol research