SAG 410

The Dust Dispersers of series SAG 410 for dosing and dispersing powders use the proven method of metering powder by a moving belt to the disperser like in directive VDI 3491-8 described. That ensures a constant and reproducible supply of powder, even at low feed rates. The particle concentration of the output aerosol can easily be adjusted over a wide range by changing the speed of the feed belt.
The powder is removed from the belt by an ejector nozzle (similar to ISO 5011).

Dust is often needed for tests, research and quality assurance tasks. It is defined as a dispersion of fine solid particles in gas. To produce such aerosols, often very small amounts of solids must be dosed consistently and continuously.

The new designed dust feeder SAG 410/U applies an innovative concept of a rotating stainless steel ring for dosing. By means of the ring very small amounts of powder can be fed.
Especially for poor-flow, cohesive materials the model SAG 410/P has been developed.


  • Constant and reproducible feed rate over a wide range – suitable for many applications
  • Highly accurate, user-independent metering of the powder
  • Refillable during operation without any effect on the aerosol concentration – ideal for long term studies
  • High concentration even at small flow rates – speeds up testing in low flow applications
  • Easy to clean and change material
  • Simple interchangeable dispersing units allow a single instrument to have an enormous mass output range from 0.05…6000g/hour*
  • Remote control units for both manual or computer control are available


  • Filter efficiency measurement
  • Aerosol research
  • Inhalation and toxicology studies
  • Optimization of combustion processes
  • Flow visualisation, LDV and PIV applications
  • Mixing and coating processes
  • Performance, evaluation and calibration of dust samplers and monitors

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