AFC 133 – Filter Media – ISO 11057

For characterisation of cleanable filter media Topas developed the Filter Media Test Rig AFC 133, which is designed for measurements regarding standards ISO 11057 and VDI 3926.

Reliable, reproducible testing of filter media is important for the development and optimization of filter media, as well as for quality assurance during the production process. Filter materials for dust filters for gases are characterized by a reference test method according to the ISO 11057. Under standardized test conditions and test procedures both the performance during operation and the particulate emissions of the filter media are determined in order to obtain information about the operation and separation behavior during practical use.
The most interesting features for the characterization of filter media are: 
– differential pressure behavior during the dust loading, 
– the gravimetric separation efficiency,
– the fractional filtration separation efficiency, 
– the loading capacity of the filter
– and the cyclic behavior at aging of the filter.

The Filter Media Test Stand AFC 133 allows filter testing in accordance with the international standards ISO 11057 and VDI 3926, exemplary embodiment 1, testing of cleanable filter media. There may be tested also other dust filter media with this test rig on basis of existing international standards such as EN 779 and ISO 11155 / DIN 71460-1.
Due to its compact and lightweight design this test rig can be used in the laboratory. Only single-phase mains power and compressed air are needed to run filter tests. The Windows based Topas control software is running on standard PCs and delivers a trackable documentation.


  • Flexible design facilitates modification and future extension
  • Long-term stable dosage and dispersion of test dust Pural NF
  • Test rig is fully computer controlled by user-friendly PAFWin software
  • Wide variety of test aerosols possible (atmospheric, dust or droplets)
  • Combination of Topas instruments ensures best performance at optimum price


  • Dust loading tests ISO 11057, VDI 3926 exemplary embodiment 1
  • Small scale filter tests along the general lines of other standards possible
  • Development and optimization of filter media
  • Quality assurance