TDC 584 – IPA Conditioning Cabinet

for testing Air Filters acc. to ISO 16890-4

The harmonization of international testing standard ISO 16890-4 requires neutralization of tested filter element by Iso-propyl-alcohole (IPA) treatment. Therefore a suitable test cabinet for filter discharging is needed.

The solution proposed in ISO 16890-4, chapter 7 requires a large amount of hazardous substance with approximately 1 l of liquid IPA, whereas particularly the handling of the trays filled with liquid IPA is risky.


  • Fast and constant saturation of the air with IPA in a customizable saturation time
  • Integrated suction and flushing of the chamber
  • Minimal use of IPA (250ml per filter)
  • Certification of security level by accredited certification bodies


  • Conditioning of air filters according to ISO 16890-4 (for followed testing of the mechanical separation behaviour with the General Air Filter Test System ALF 114)
  • Electrical neutralization of bag- and cartridge filters, filter bags and flat media