PAF 111 – Cabin Air Filter

DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1

With the Cabin Air Filter Test  Rig PAF 111 from Topas fractional filtration efficiency is measured while the filter is continuously loaded with dust at constant air flowrate. The increase in pressure drop across the filter is monitored to establish the dust loading capacity. Both the necessary test rig and the test procedure are according to and are completly described in the standards DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11155-1 . 

Test acc. to standards E DIN 71460-2 and ISO 11155-2 can be carried out using Topas Adsorption Test Rig PAF 112 for cabin air filters (air filters for passenger compartments).

For filter tests both acc. to standards DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1 and E DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2 Topas has designed filter test rig PAF 113 combining all features of test rigs PAF 111 and PAF 112.

For several years Topas has been developing and installing standardized but also customized filter test rigs for assessing the performance of filter media and filter elements in industrial and research applications. 


  • Operator is guided through test routines
  • Modular system
  • Versatile
  • State of the art

Control Software PAFWin

  • Automatic test procedures in accordance with issued standards
  • Manual control for service, calibration procedures and research
  • Data monitor for long term investigations
  • Sample and tests database
  • Test dusts database
  • Data presentation and statistical calculations
  • Data copy & paste, dynamic data exchange DDE