ALF 114 – Standard Air Filter

EN 779, Ashrae 52.2

The Filter Test Rig ALF 114 has been developed especially for air filter testing according to standards EN 779:2012 and ASHRAE 52.2-2008 . At Topas it could be accessed to a long-standing expertise in the field of construction and installing of filter test systems – since 1995 we have been developing, manufacturing, and installing particle filtration test rigs conforming to standards and user-defined ones for filter media and complete filter elements for quality control and and scientific work. Here quantification of dust holding capacity, differential pressure curves and filter efficiencies are the main. 

In the filter test stand ALF 114 the filter samples can be easily installed into the rotatable and movable duct sections. A conditioned and filtrated air flow is loaded with particles. In this way information about the increasing differential pressure and the efficiency of the filters will be obtained. With these results the filter samples can be classified.


  • Measurements according to both standards EN 779 and ASHRAE 52.2
  • Rotatable duct sections
  • Universal filter holding system
  • Online weighing of dust feeder
  • Additional dust feeder for ISO 12103-A2 test dust available
  • MERV-filter classification (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) for coarse dust filters and fine particle filters
  • Energy effizienzy rating for filters according to EUROVENT
  • High grade of automation, mostly automated test runs with complete operator guiding through all tests, data handling and protocols
  • Safety functions realized in a PLC