ABP 115 – Motor Intake Filter

ISO 5011

The Engine Filter Test Rig ABP 115 filter test rig performs tests according to guideline ISO 5011 (test of inlet air cleaning filters for internal combustion engines). Results are: 

  • Differential pressure related to air flow rate Druckverlust über dem Filter,
  • Dust loading capacity (related to differential pressure increase, e.g. 20 hPa),
  • Gravimetric efficiency,
  • Differential pressure of filter.

Considering new discussions on additions to the standard also  

  • Particle measurement,
  • Downstream dust concentration ,
  • Fractional efficiency,
  • Water tests

The filter element will be mounted in the filter housing and connected to the filter test system. The ambient air will be sucked in at desired flow rates and the dust feeder disperses the test dust. Differential pressure increase and separation efficiency will be obtained.


  • Mass flow control of dust dosing
  • Precise flow rate measurement
  • Powerful Dust Dispersing Unit SAG 420
  • Many Components to be chosen according the needs
  • High grade of automation, mostly automated test runs with complete operator guiding, data handling and protocols