SPT 140 – Testing of Oil Mist Separators

SPT 140 – Testing of Oil Mist Separators

Crankcase Ventilation Systems

The Oil Separator Test Rig SPT 140 is designed for automated testing procedures in order to obtain results regarding flow regimes and gravimetric and fractional particle removal efficiency.
Crankcase ventilation systems are using oil separators in order to reduce oil consumption and even more important nowadays to reduce final emission rates of the engine. Catalysts can also be adversely affected by burned oil residuals in the exhaust. Crankcase ventilation systems CCV are optimized by measurements of: 

  • fractional particle removal efficiency
  • discharge curve (pressure and volume flow)
  • pressure regulation curve 
  • leakage

at engine test benches. An increasing number of oil separator manufacturers are now using special test benches like the SPT 140 to study the performance and to optimize separators design by simulating the above parameters. The sample is tested in over and under pressure mode with an especially conditioned aerosol (mass flow rate, temperature). The environment of the sample is tempered as well. The separated and passed oil is measured depending on volume flow rate. The measurement is done gravimetric with an absolute filter. The oil mass leaked from the separator is detected online. Likewise the leakage of the oil drain can be measured. The test rig simulates typical application of oil mist separators. Recording the pressure regulation curve is made by measuring the “pressure in the crankcase ventilation system ” versus “air intake pressure” at several volume flow rates.
The fractional particle removal efficiency has also become an important parameter in recent studies.


  • Compact test bench
  • Wide range of flow rate
  • Sample holder adjustable for different sample dimension
  • Heated oil mist generator (maximum 120°C)
  • Closed loop system for different pressure regimes
  • Possibility of opening up the secured testing channel
  • Heatable Aerosol Generator ATM 243 also utilizable without SPT 140
  • Software guided testing procedure
  • Windows test rig control and data acquisition software
  • Precise flow rate measurement