SCB 910 - Side Channel Blower

In applications which only have an average differential pressure, conventional pump principles such as piston and diaphragm are often over-dimensioned with respect to the attainable compression, and combine this property with a reduced efficiency and the associated high energy consumption.
An alternative is to use a side-channel blower. Topas further developed this widespread principle of a turbomachine with the aim, to provide the user with a handy blower that can be used in a portable instrument. As the result the small Side Channel Blower SCB 910 was formed.


  • Energy efficient generation of a carrier airstream for measurement applications
  • Rugged volume flow source to be installed in handheld devices and other mobile devices


  • Best degree of efficiency in working range
  • Lower consumption at given pneumatic power –> smaller power supply, less thermal input
  • Modular conception
  • Various voltages available: 12, 24 V DC
  • Easier maintenance and repair