Diffusion Dryer – DDU 570

The Topas Diffusion Dryer DDU 570 has been developed mainly as additional equipment for the Aerosol Generator ATM 220 that is operated by compressed air. 
The aerosol to be dried is streaming through 3 screen pipes which are surrounded by Silica Gel (desiccant with indicator) serving as drying agent. The Silica Gel causes a very dry atmosphere. The excess moisture in the aerosol moves into the dry environment by the effect of diffusion.
Because the aerosol does not get into direct contact with the drying agent only a very low particle loss occurs.


Only minimal particle loss, because the desiccant and the aerosol are not in direct contact
Uncomplicated, but effective working principle (diffusion drying)
Desiccant by means of an exsikkator easy to regenerate


Drying of aqueous aerosols
In connection with Aerosol Generator series ATM: Generation of calibration aerosols with aqueous suspensions of reference particles
In connection with an atomizer: used for nuclei source of the condensation aerosol generators SLG 250 and SLG 270