PAP 612 – Process Aerosol Photometer

PAP 612 – Process Aerosol Photometer

The Process Photometer PAP 612 is a combined in-line extinction and scattered-light photometer (ES) for blow-by measurements (aerosol concentration determination) with double-running test sections and two wavelengths, which can operate in over- or underpressure. 
The device is primarily designed for investigations of crankcase ventilation of combustion engines. Thus it should support the development and testing of filter systems. Due to its compact design, its use is conceivable on test rigs for engines, on swivelling test rigs, under lab conditions as well as for test drives in field use.


  • Transmission and scattered-light measurements of 2 wavelength with high time resolution
  • Low uncertainty of measurement through two different measuring lengths
  • Compact design for the use at laboratory, engine and tilt test stands and for field use
  • Operation in over- and underpressure
  • Use for aerosols and suspensions
  • Windows software PAPWin for calibration, configuration and data acquisition


  • Detection of unwanted fluids in pipe systems for gas transport (e.g. gushes of oil or detection of condensation)
  • In-line characterisation and concentration monitoring of blow-by aerosols
  • Concentration measurements in aerosols, suspensions and emulsions
  • Determination of mean particle sizes of submicron aerosols