FAS 362 – Liquid Particle Counter

FAS 362 – Liquid Particle Counter

The Liquid Particle Counter FAS 362 is designed for measuring particle size distribution (PSD) and particle number concentration of particles in liquids.
Determining the mean extinction (attenuation) of the light due to single particles is an efficient optical measuring method to measure the particle size in a wide range. This method of single particle measurement is applied in the liquid particle counter FAS 362. By means of competetive solutions this instrument is capable of measuring particle sizes with a high resolution and good reduction of the systematic measuring deviation. The complte detection of all particles present in the measuring volume is ensured even at high measuring concentrations.
Detecting the extinction at a special angle to the measuring cell (sensor position) – according to ISO 21501-3 – reduces the influence of the particle material.
The comfortable software PASWin for controlling the instrument and analysing the measuring data enables easy use and flexible application.


  • Wide concentration range (max. 5000…20’000 Partikel/cm³)*
  • Wide dynamic range range of particle size: (1)2…200µm* 
  • Extreme low dependency on particle material by the use of especially developed patented optics
  • Optimally designed sensing volume
  • User configurable size channels
  • Non touching, optical measuring method with quick response
  • No assumption of distribution function – important for multimodal distributions
  • User friendly Windows® software
  • Robust, small dimensions and low weight
  • Flexible sample glas vessel
  • *depending on applied measuring cell


  • Control of a micro balance via serial interface for exact concentration determination
  • Pump control for continuous sampling by means of a external pump


  • Measurement of particle size distributions as well as concentrations
  • Cleanness / purity analysis
  • Determination of separation efficiencies
  • Flocculation investigations
  • Analysis of biological or bacterial systems