SAG 420

The Dust Feeder / Dust Disperser SAG 420 is a device for generating solid aerosols by transforming a powdered solid into the air-floating state and has a very large dosing range.

  • enhanced dosing range: 6g/h…12kg/h
  • under operating conditions easy refillable
  • mass flow control by weigh scale option

In applications where air-floating particles are required such as testing of the separation performance of filter media an aerosol with certain, well-defined characteristic features and stability over a period of time is to be used. If the aerosol is produced from a certain powder the characteristic features of the generated dust will be determined by the powder. Additional characteristic features of the aerosol are achieved by transferring the powder into the air-floating state.

The process is divided into two parts: the continuous dosing of the powder mass flow and the dispersing (thinning out) of the powder preferably down to the primary particle size of the material.


  • Dosing continuity of different dusts over a long period of time
  • Filling during operation possible
  • Mass flow control by weigh scale option
  • Easy and comfortable device control
  • Flexible applicable
  • For filter tests regarding ISO 5011


  • Charging of filters, filter media and separators with dust
  • Generation of dust to determine the fractional as well as the total separation efficiency
  • Visualization of air streams

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