SLG 250, 270 – Monodispersed

SLG 250, 270 – Monodispersed

Condensation Aerosol Generators of series SLG 250/270 produce monodisperse aerosols with definined properties in a wide range of particle size and number concentration as well. The aerosol generation principle is based on the controlled heterogeneous condensation acc. to Sinclair-LaMer mentioned in the directive VDI 3491 part 4.

Depending on the choice of the particle material either droplet or solid state aerosols can be generated.
The patented innovative concept in combination with state of the art control instruments and regulators guarantees quick and reproducible adjustment of both particle size and concentration.

Both parameters of the outlet aerosol can be continuously monitored by means of the Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510.


  • Generation of monodisperse aerosols with reproducible adjustable particle size in a wide range
  • Particles are round and uncharged (electrically neutral)
  • Constant high number concentration, also in long-running operation
  • Very rapid and reproducible adjustment of desired particle size (0.1…12µm)
  • With SLG 270 larger particle sizes producible than with SLG 250 by additional patented screen-bypass-unit
  • Spherical and virtually electrically neutral particles
  • Several particle materials can be used
  • Easy and straight forward instrument operation


  • Calibration of particle measuring instruments
  • Aerosol research
  • Filter testing
  • Determination of separation efficiencies
  • Inhalation and toxicology studies
  • Generation of tracer particles
  • Aerosol generator for seeding applications 

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