ATM 241 – High Output, Multiple Nozzles

ATM 241 – High Output, Multiple Nozzles

The Aerosol Generator ATM 241 produces droplet aerosols with known properties according to the guideline VDI 3491. The designs and technical solutions warrant highly constant particle size distribution as well as particle concentration with high reproducibility and a high aerosol output.
The generators of series ATM 241 enable to atomize various liquids, for example PAO (Emery 3004), DEHS, PSL-suspensions, and saline solutions.

The generators are designed as serial instruments with an external pressure-air supply. Operating controls are so installed, that the instruments can be easily and safely operated.
The liquid reservoirs are arranged inside the chassis of generators.

For safety requirements a protection valve has been added to. This will open at a certain pressure to avoid pressurizing the liquid reservoir.


Polydisperse aerosol mainly below 1 µm

  • Excellent constant particle size distribution
  • Defined and high particle number concentration
  • By varying of nozzle pressure and the number of switched-on nozzles one can adjust both particle production rate and within narrow limits the particle size distribution


  • Generation of tracer particles
  • Verifying measurements in very large clean rooms
  • Test of HEPA and ULPA filter media


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