HDS 561: Wide Range Adjustable Dilution

HDS 561: Wide Range Adjustable Dilution

The High Dilution System HDS 561 for aerosols is characterized by its very wide, variable range of dilution ratios (up to 1:100’000). The volume flow rate setting is factory-provided and made custom-specific. 

These features eliminate the need for cascading multiple dilution systems and reduces the system pressure loss. The possibility of remote checking and control of dilution ratio expands its application fields, as there are e.g. dilution of aerosols for measurement with particle counters, defined supply of a source strength with aerosol generators. 
The applied HEPA-filter system guaranties long lifetime and state of readiness.


  • Reliable and extremely high single-stage dilution
  • Wide range of dilution ratios adjustable (1:100 up to 1:100,000)
  • Factory-provided adaptable to different volume flow rates of the particle counter: from 28 l/min up to 100 l/min
  • High reliability in service by using a capillary with relative big diameter for a given dilution ratio
  • Possibility of checking the present dilution ration via remote control
  • Adjustment of dilution ration via remote control


  • Dilution for general measuring purposes of high concentrated aerosols that are typically not directly measurable with particle counters like the LAP 340
  • Dilution of output aerosol of aerosol generators in order to generate defined, adjusted diluted aerosols, e.g. for calibration or comparison of particle counters
  • Monitoring of source strengths of aerosol generation systems, e.g. for clean room monitoring systems

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