FoamScan HTHP

FoamScan HTHP

Foamscan HTHP - Measurement at high temperature and high pressure

Foamscan HP makes analysis of foam properties at high temperature and high pressure.It is designed to measure the ability of a liquid to generate foam by gas sparging through a liquid at pressure max 100 bars and temperature max 200°C. 

Software controls automated sampling, foam generation and analysis, so measurements are made without influence.
Foam tube includes the foam probe and the support of the glass frit in a stainless steel cell. It is mounted into the measurement unit of the Foamscan HP.
The temperature control is achieved by resistance heater built into the environmental chamber walls.

Measurement made by Foamscan HP

Data measured and displayed in real time:

  • Foam volume
  • Gas flow rate
  • Volume of sample liquid remaining
  • Pressure inside the cell
  • Temperature inside the cell.


  • Measurement at temperature up to 200°C and pressure up to 100bars
  • Operating measurement in the safe condition
  • Automated sampling
  • Automated cleaning
  • All instrument operations are controlled by software
  • Option: adapting Cell Size Analysis (CSA) option.