CHDF-3000 – High Resolution Particle Size Distribution

CHDF3000 and CHDF3000-PDA


The CHDF3000 provifdes high-resolution particle size distributions in the particle size range of 5 nm to 3 microns. By fractionating the particles according to size, the CHDF3000 produces True particle size distribution data, including the presence of multiple particle size populations. Perfect for applications where broad and/or multi-mode size populations must be measured accurately. Measurement is independent of particle density, perfect for heterogeneous-composition particles. Auto-sampler allows unattended operation of multiple samples. Small sample volume of less than 1 ml required.

Some of the advances of the CHDF3000 are:

  • Highest reliability and easy operation in QC/R&D/online processes.
  • Outstanding Particle-Detection Sensitivity thanks to its new UV-Detection platform that incorporates a tapered detection flow cell.
  • Increased Detection Dynamic Range for minor-proportion particle size populations in the presence of major ones.
  • New CHDF Pump System for maximum performance.
  • Continuous monitoring/control of all measurement data in tandem with the Pump, UV-Detector, and Auto-Sampler’s own processors.
  • Compact footprint for modern labs where space may be limited.
  • Automatic/unattended analysis via auto-sampler.
  • High-resolution capability of 10%.
  • Particle-density independent suitable for heterogeneous-composition samples.
  • Sample volume less than 1 ml
  • Analysis time of 10 minutes irrespective of the sample’s PSD as shown below.


The CHDF3000-PDA provides the same powerful capabilities for High-Resolution particle size distribution (PSD) analysis of the CHDF3000 model, plus the ability to measure particle composition. The system detects particles at four simultaneous wavelengths for particle chemical composition and surface coating analysis.