The LUMiSpoc™ is a highly advanced single particle scattered light photometer that measures particle size distribution and particle concentration of nano and microparticles in suspensions and emulsions with an unparalleled resolution and dynamic range.

Particles are separated by hydrodynamic focusing in the measuring cell and pass one after another the focus of a violet laser beam. The forward and sideward scattered light from each particle is detected and processed simultaneously by powerful optics and electronics (SPLS-Technology™).

The LUMiSpoc™ analyses multimodal and very broad dispersed real-world particles in suspensions and emulsions and determines smallest size differences down to the nanometer range. Volume calibrated sample flow allows for accurate measurement of particle concentration.

LUMiSpoc™ – the new standard in nano particle counting.


Nanoparticle design, number concentration determinations, number-based size distribution, classification of nanomaterials (2011/696/EU), agglomeration and flocculation kinetics, protein aggregation, coalescence/Ostwald ripening, coarse grain fractions, membrane testing / cut off, homogenization/dispersion, materials such as: functionalized particles, reference particles, CMP slurries, biological objects…


  • Accurate & high precision characterisation of individual particles
  • Nano particle concentration by counting with precision better than 2%
  • Analysis of dispersions in particle concentration range from 106 to 109 ml-1 at rates up to 104 s-1
  • Large dynamic measurement range for sizing and counting from 50 nm to 8 µm
  • Multimodal and polydisperse size distributions with high resolution
  • Sample amount as small as 250µl
  • Compact benchtop instrument (60×52 cm)
  • Minimal amounts of consumables, easy to clean
  • Sophisticated instrument software


Spec Sheet Coming Soon!