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LAP 323 - Aerosol particle size spectrometer

The new single particle scattering light spectrometer LAP 323 utalises the innovative dual wavelength technology of Topas GmbH for particle size and number determination.

The use of two laser diodes with different wavelengths allows a high-resolution detection of even small spherical particles and their accurate classification. The application of two light sources with monochromatic light of different wavelengths for scattered light generation has the advantage to level out discontinuities i.e. that particles whose size falls within this range are difficult to distinguish from one another. Additionally, the aerosol spectrometer is characterized by integrated sampling, intelligent volume flow control and compact design. The Laser Aerosol Spectrometer LAP 323 meets all technical requirements for aerosol spectrometers as described in ISO 21501-1 and VDI guideline 3867 part 4.


very high classification accuracy within the particle size measurement range
homogeneous and high illumination intensity in the measuring volume for an optimized lower detection limit
avoidance of border zone error through optimized measuring cell design
verification of mass concentration using a removable bypass filter


high resolution analysis of aerosols
filter testing and filter characterization
analysis of test, calibration and pharmaceutical aersols
particle size determination of sprays, oil mists, dusts and powders


Take a look at the full Specification here

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