Mini PJ


The Mini PJ is a compact, user-friendly, out of the box ready Plasma system that is designed and built to simplify surface treatment for labs that need plasma on a smaller budget. This plasma unit is factory set and optimized for your application with push button control, eliminating the need for a PC interface. The pump is internal, creating a small system footprint minimizing lab bench space.

The Mini PJ is perfect for processing small parts used in such industries as Medical Device, Contact Lens Manufacturing, Biomedical, Universities, and Small Research Labs.


Plasma can be defined as a partially or wholly ionized gas with a roughly equal number of positively and negatively charged particles. Some scientists have dubbed plasma the “fourth state of matter” because while plasma is neither gas nor liquid, its properties are similar to those of both gases and liquids.

AST has long had a core business in plasma processing. Backed by the company’s superior expertise in surface modification, coating and contact angle measuring technologies, AST/Plasma Science group provides the in-depth knowledge to work with our customers for critical process development.


  • Main 110 VAC, 7amp
  • Power Fixed LF Power
  • Control Factory Set, Turn-key control
  • Footprint L20” x W10.5” X H20”
  • Chamber D 3.5” x L 4.5”
  • Boro Silicate
  • Capacitively Coupled
  • Gas Feed Options One gas inlet standard
  • Internal pumping mechanism
  • Automated cycle control
  • Auto venting
  • Audio indications