APS -100 from MATEC

Particle Sizing without Dilution

The APS produces PSD data from acoustic attenuation spectroscopy measurements without the need for sample dilution. The APS also measures sound speed spectra, pH, conductivity, and temperature of samples in the particle size range of 5 nm to 100 microns.

As sound travels through a slurry or colloid, it is attenuated. The level of attenuation is related to the particle size distribution. The APS measures acoustic attenuation very accurately over the 1-100 MHz frequency range. Because sound travels through all material media, APS acoustic attenuation measurements can be made on high-concentration and/or opaque samples. Particle settling is not a problem since samples can be stirred or pumped during the measurement. APS analysis is independent of the sample’s Zeta potential level. The APS readily analyzes particles of zero, as well as, high electric charge.

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