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LUMiReader and LUMiReader PSA

The LUMiReader® is a separation analyser for measuring demixing of suspensions and emulsions for a large range of particle sizes under original storage conditions. The demixing process is accelerated using a patented measuring principle, without stressing the sample by additional mechanical forces.

By means of the patented STEP-Technology®, the change of transmission over the time, due to particle migration or alteration, is recorded simultaneously over the whole sample height. Up to three different samples can be measured simultaneously. Temperature control up to 60 °C meets the requirements of most applications in research and development and industry.

The multi-wavelength LUMiReader® PSA gives as a simple yet comprehensive way to understand complex industrial products, giving hydrodynamic particle density, separation velocity distribution and particle size distribution in addition to the direct stability result. The particle size distribution is determined within the range from 500 nm to hundreds of µm.

For more information about the LUMiReader please click here.

For more information about the LUMiReader PSA please click here.

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