News Update
Adaptive Instruments and many of our UK user base will be attending the LUM 'International Workshop Dispersion Analysis and Materials Testing' meeting Jan 2014 in Berlin. Any interested LUM users please get in contact for further details.
The next Adaptive Seminar will be held in April 2014 at which we will introduce the latest products in all our ranges.
2014 - Adaptive Instruments
Adaptive Instruments Ltd
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Product Range
Adaptive supply a range of instruments to measure particle size, shape, stability,flow and mass distribution from aerosols, liquid suspensions, powders and granulates.
Foam life and stability, surface tension and interfacial rheology
L.U.M.: Instruments to measure particle migration to determine stability and shelf life in dispersions, suspensions and emulsions
Topas: Aerosol measurement, generation,  dilution sampling and conditioning subsystems for use in urban air monitoring, filter test, indoor air quality, industrial and research aerosol science.
Microtrac On-line and laboratory based particle size and shape analysis with automated sample feed systems. For measurements in a size range of 1um to 115mm.
Particle Sizing Systems: Aqueous liquid phase automatic sizers and dilution instruments where the tail end distribution is of prime importance for use in the laboratory and on-line. Also particle size analysis where precise volumetric accuracy is required. Submicron particle size and zeta potential analysers.

About us:

Adaptive Instruments distribute the following product lines in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Benelux. High light the company names below to make a direct link to their web sites for more detailed product information:-

L.U.M. GmbH
Stability, separation, texture and particle analysis instruments.
Particle Sizing Systems 
Liquid phase particle sizing and counting
Particle size system and dust monitoring equipment
Topas GmbH
Aerosol size and generation systems. Filter test instruments and systems.
Teclis Sarl
Oscillating Drop Tensiometer and foam stability measurement systems.
Solutions in Particle Technology
Dry powder dispersion
Particle Size Analysis
Stability Analysis
The DustMon dust level analyser from Microtrac
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