Clean Room Validation Equipment                      

Topas GmbH is a leading manufacturer of aerosol test system, they offer an extensive product range for accteptance measurements of clean rooms including cleanroom particle counters, aerosol generators, aerosol dilution systems and rectangular isokinetic sampling probes which have been especially developed to comply with the requirements specified in current standards and regulations. During the development phase, great emphasis was put on the design of instruments to make them suitable for mobile use.

           ATM 226 - Clean Room Aerosol Generator

           DIL 554 - Clean Room Aerodol Dilution System

           HDS 561 - High Dilution System for Aerosols

           SYS 529 - Rectangular Sampling Probe

           LAP 340 - Clean Room Particle Counter

 CRQWin: Software for Clean Room Qualification – Topas developed especially for qualification measurements acc. to  standards ISO 14644, DIN 2083, EU GMP (describing qualification measurements in clean rooms, in different areas of pharmaceutical and microelectronic industry, but also in hospitals, pharmacies and at cytostatics work benches) the software CRQWin to support structured data acquisition, storing, representing, filing and evaluation of all data and parameters necessary for clean room classification.

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