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Siam® is a TECLIS measuring instrument which can characterize foam volume generated by washing powders and duration of their anti-foams.

It applies any type of front window washing machines. This equipment consists of a device to film (CCD camera) and to enlighten the window of washing machine (cf. image).

A second device is made of sensors connected to the washing machine. It allows to measure:

  • Temperature in the tumbling box
  • Current intensity consumed.


The Principle is to measure foams volume generated by image analysis when the tumbling box stops. The measurement of the current intensity will allow to identify the exact moment when it is running and the cycles of heating and flushing. 

By using these data, we can obtain a kinetic study of foam volume. We can also obtain information about influence of temperature on the foam and on life of anti-foams.


  • The analysis can be achieved on an empty or a filled tumbling box
  • One PC can control two Siam instruments and it allows comparison between the different washing powders

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