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The Minijet is designed to measure the ability of a liquid to generate foam by the circulation of the liquid. It is the miniature version of Jetscan.

A jet of sample is directed downwards into a pool of liquid at the bottom of a glass tube to generate foam. Inlet of the circulation pump is at the base of this glass tube, well below the foam. The pump forces sample liquid from the top of the tube to supply the jet. A video camera views foam in the glass tube, providing data to image analysis software which determines foam volume. Glass tubes is with double walls to allow fluid (from an optional circulating bath) to control temperature of the liquid used to produce the foam and the foam itself.

Measurement made by Minijet

Raw data include:

  • Foam volume
  • Liquid volume
  • Flow rate of the liquid jet
  • Foam temperature


  • Measurement at temperature up to 80°C
  • Auto-injection sampling system
  • Automated cleaning
  • Flow rate range of 100-1000 ml/minute
  • All instrument operations are controlled by software
  • Option: Automatic defoamer injection system


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